The Freyla Edit

The Freyla are the largest, most widely-known people of Vothiel. They are known for their impressive riding skills, as well as having the only monarchy in the world of Vothiel and the most severe, large military.

Customs Edit

  1. At the age of sixteen, every person is given a newborn foal, or baby horse. They must raise, break, and train this horse - by the time they are "of age", their horse should be ready to ride; they should have a close bond with it and must take good care of it at all times. The quality of the horse depends on the quality of the family; a poor family will afford a poor horse, while a rich family will afford a high-quality one; however, only the royal families may own pegasi or draft breeds. (Horses with fancy "feathering" on their legs.) 
  2. Mistreatment of a horse, murder of a horse, or stealing of a horse is a banishment offense. Often, it ends in execution; and not a pretty execution, either. 
  3. Executions are widely regarded and often looked forward to - the victim of the execution would be tied to a stake outside of the castle gates, usually on a wide length of rope. Then all passersby - anyone with a horse - may join the stampede to crush and slaughter the one who is facing execution. Nobody has yet survived this gruesome death. 
  4. It is customary that all homes have carvings or representations of horses; all of them are designed so that a horse may enter the home, or feel comfortable with the family.
  5. Marriage between a couple is decided. Usually, proposals are made with a colt or filly - baby horse - by one in the relationship, presented to the other. If it is accepted, the couple will find themselves a home and throw their wedding. The wedding processional begins, with everyone in their best dress on horseback. The couple's parents ride first, then the couple, then the couple's friends and family; they ride through the town, throwing candies and coins at the people in the streets, who will often join the processional. They will then ride through the town to their new home, where the couple says their oaths. Then, the couple performs a "horseback dance" - where, from their mounts, they execute a number of moves on horseback that exhibit their riding skill and abilities. Then there is meals and partying late into the night.
  6. Burials are regular, ground-burials. They are buried in pasture, where their bodies will fertilize the land, allowing for better pasture grass for the animals. If the horse of the human is still alive at their death, the horse is released to the wild. 

Government Edit

The Freyla people are the only people in Vothiel with an official monarchy. They have a massive, beautiful castle built by the Savitri at the Fayhall capital. The king or queen is simply the oldest child of the previous king or queen. Whoever currently reigns does not have a crown made of normal metal, but a magical rack of deer antlers; these antlers have gone through the generations, been coated with magic of all elements, and has been made lightweight and only to be worn by the king or queen of that country.


  • A king or queen, if displeasing the people, can be overthrown at any time.
  • A king or queen who does not visit each city under its rule is considered to be dishonourable.

The royal family is the only family that may ride draft breeds - horses with feathering on their legs - or pegasi.


Due to the past aggressive nature of the Freyla, they still maintain a military. The military is under the full control of the king, who appoints generals according to each city, town, or village under his control; this general must recruit volunteers to run platoons and their own town's policing system. The military is entirely made up of cavalry, with each individual bringing their own horse and skills to the mix. 

The largest military capital is at Eastborne. With the buffer strip - the "neutral" territory between the Hectalle and Freyla territories - being so aggressive in nature, filled with outcasts and mythical creature attacks daily, there is a heavy military to keep things at bay.

Religion Edit

The Freyla chose to worship the earth dragon for animals and good crop.

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