The Hectalle Edit

The Hectalle are more commonly known as the women of the forest. They are known for their extreme ability to heal, as well as their excellent archery and their partnership with the creatures of the forest. The Hectalle are known for their healing and ability to share magical bonds. Magical healers of other territories often visit the Hectalle to learn their methods. The Hectalle can survive without trade, finding all medicines and food and shelter within the forest. However, they do not disrespect and always replace and give thanks for what they take - nothing is wasted with the Hectalle. They do not cut down any tree with a Dryad attached to it, nor will they kill animals without throwing a ceremony for the lost life. 
The Hectalle women, while fierce, stay together. It's a sisterhood, full of bonds and friendship. They are well known for their skills with archery, charisma, and healing.

Customs Edit

  1. No life taken in the forest goes disrespected. For everything they take, the Hectalle women give thanks and replace it in some way - whether by giving a blessing to the empty space or replacing it with something.
  2. All Hectalle women are trained in healing.
  3. All Hectalle women are trained in archery.
  4. All Hectalle women are taught respect for the life in the forest.

Joining the Hectalle Edit

There are a few ways that a woman may become part of the Hectalle:

  1. Extreme healing skills that are respected by the Hectalle women. They will be requested to come to the forest to join, and if accepted will be given a home.
  2. Born into the Hectalle.
  3. Joining of their own choice.

Men in the Forest Edit

Men are not a part of the Hectalle like women are; they are there mostly as servants or as reproduction purposes. However, there are a few ways that a man may find himself with the Hectalle, whether he likes it or not.

  1. A sick mother, wife, daughter, or sister of said man will need help. The man will give himself up the Hectalle in order to gain their services and continue spending time with said loved one.
  2. A man will severely disrespect a woman of the Hectalle or around Hectalle territory. This man is kidnapped, punished, and made to work to carry out his punishment.
  3. An outcasted man - one with no territory, often older or weaker - will be in the throes of desperation and offer up his service in order to live longer.
  4. A trespasser who did not heed his first warnings and did not ask for permission to travel through the Hectalle territory would be kidnapped and made to work.

Government Edit

The Hectalle do not have much of a government. They're quite similar to a sorority, or a club, perhaps a sisterhood or nunnery. However, with big decisions, they will turn to the oldest, most respected Hectalle woman - often known as "the mother," this woman has the most knowledge and teaches the most, dedicating her entire life to the Hectalle. She is the wisest, most feared and respected woman in the forest and performs most of the negotiations with other territories. She represents the Hectalle and all that they stand for, and is chosen by her peers. She maintains relationships with the other mythical creatures in the forest.

Religion Edit

The Hectalle women choose to worship the Earth dragons for a healthy forest and home.

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