The Savitri Edit

The Savitri are the most intricate, complex people of the world of Vothiel. They're not quite human, not quite dragon. They have the body set of a human; the same eyes, limbs, and bodies, with the same inner parts. Yet, they have long, retractable claws, strange golden eyes, leathery dragon wings, and scales that cover their shoulders and chest.

The Savitri are very beautiful, almost hauntingly so. They don't communicate with words - all of them can pass images and thoughts between themselves with their minds. They're very complex, and very, very smart. They live far longer than normal humans, usually over 500 years. They don't have much in the form of a government, aside from an "elder." All their knowledge is passed down and learned from generation after generation - the oldest living Savitri member being their elected "elder" that passes the knowledge on to the younger ones daily. 

The Savitri are known for their sculptures. They are located just off the North-West coast, more to the North than to the West. This is an area of land that is not much traveled - the seas are choppy and almost impossible, and most of the Skuld Pirates that go by this way never return. In this area of land, the Savitri have constructed their homes - it's easy for them to travel from place to place and live with their claws and their wings. They've constructed pillars, on top of which are caves, round caves hollowed out of stone. The Savitri took natural cliff-like constructions and carved them into beauty with their long, retractable claws. In this way, the Savitri gained a natural talent of carving sculptures, which are known throughout the lands of Vothiel for being very beautiful. 

he Savitri peoples' wisdom is one that is well known and well envied throughout Vothiel. They're fierce fighters, feared just as much as the dragons are - especially since they look so similar. (It is, in fact, rumoured that the Savitri are descendants of dragons, though this is not true.) When the Savitri pick a side, it is because it is the right side; though they will never join a war unless they find it extremely necessary. 

The Savitri people have many unique elements, similar to humans. However, all of them share some similarities. They are all well over six feet tall, most near seven or eight feet. Their wings and scales match in colour, their scales extremely iridescent and beautiful. Their eyes are golden, but this does not affect iris shape in any way. They keep their hair long and tied back, often in elaborate braids. Their claws, while thin and retractable, are very hardy and tough; none have ever been broken, and they are all pearly white. Most of the Savitri are long, thin, and elegant. They hold themselves with grace and are proud of their wings and scales. 

The Savitri do not speak verbally; occasionally they will sing, but they do not often speak with words as they can communicate sending wavelengths by focusing on each other's minds.

Customs Edit

  1. It is customary that, once a Savitri member reaches maturity - often around 100 years of age - they will find themselves a mate. There is no marriage ceremony or dramatic representation; they decide that they are attracted to each other and a suitable match, and find a cave together to live in.
  2. There is a high respect for the elder of the community and a high respect for learning from the elder.
  3. The "coming of age" ceremony for the Savitri is simply finding a mate.
  4. If a Savitri member dies, they are highly respected and honoured. They will be tended to by every Savitri in the community. Upon death, each Savitri member will have a week-long fast where they tend to the body, clean out its cave home, and prepare it for burial. After this week is up, with singing and by the dead of night, they release the deceased member into the waters below.

Religion Edit

The Savitri actually do not have a religion. They chose to spend their time experiencing life, learning, and passing on that knowledge before they die.

If this was the modern-day world, they'd consider themselves scientists. They live for knowledge, love knowledge, and trust knowledge; they believe the world began when the first being opened its eyes, and nothing happened before that. The world begins and ends with their own lives. While that may seem self-centered, it is basic fact to them and it is taught as such.

Government Edit

The Savitri chose to govern themselves and stay out of everybody else's business. Due to the fear they incite in the humans on the mainland, they only interact for trade, and even then rarely. The Savitri govern themselves by the Elder, who is the oldest - therefore most knowledgeable and wisest - Elder, who lives at Top Rock and holds lessons daily to teach the Savitri everything that he has learned in his life, all on varying subjects.

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